About Me

Born in 1987, I'm a Brazilian software developer graduated in computer engineering. Currently, my most active programming languages are python and JavaScript (using React and Redux). But I usually try a bunch of different languages too, including C/C++, Lua, Haxe, Java, and some others.

As a professional, I work with fast food retail sale automation since 2006, ranging from product database maintenance up to drivers development, a self-service kiosk software, among other things.

As a hobby, I play around with electronics (bare-bones and micro-controllers), do game development (again, always trying with a bunch of game engines, like Godot, HaxeFlixel, Unity, Phaser, and so on, even participating on game jams) and sometimes I even do some cosplay :D

You can get more info and reach me by using some of "social" links below.