April 2014

About Me

My name is Arthur Ferrai Ferreira. I'm a developer since 2005, started with VB 6.0. Since then, I learned a lot of other languages, like C/C++, Lua, Python, tcl, and others.

My life as a game developer started in 2009, when I made a game as a final paper. Now I'm studying games specialization at Senac SP.

I've made some free courses related to programming and games:

  • C/C++ (Agit Informática)
  • Unity (Alpha Channel)
  • UDK (Impacta Certificação e Treinamento)

My favorite game engines are LÖVE (2D) and Unity (3D).

Also, I have some notions in 3D modelling, texturization and microcontroller programming.



Here, I'll show some of my Game Dev works. I hope you like them laugh


Dois Jeeps

Specialist course work, made by me, Joel Oliveira (art) and Vitor Dobrochinski (sound effects).

Dois Jeeps


Message Square

It's some shader test that I've done alone. Made me understand some shader work and custom editor programming.

Message Square


Sonic (Mecanim test)

3D modelling class plus Mecanim tests. Sonic is a SEGA character. All rights reserved.

Sonic Mecanim Test


O caminho de Selina

2013 SPJam game entry. Made by me, Vitor Navarro, Rogério Renno and Joel Oliveira.

O Caminho de Selina